Monitoring vehicle movements with CleverLoop

We are always interested in slightly unusual uses for CleverLoop security camera systems, and when we find one we like, we tell you about it too.

Counting vehicles with a CleverLoop system is one we were involved in recently, so read on.

One of our CleverLoop team members lives in a community where the main drive also goes to their neighbour, a hospital. The community had to work out how many cars were using the drive to access the hospital and how many were using it to get to the community.

A couple of solutions were suggested quite quickly. The first was ‘Why don’t we pay someone to sit by the drive and count the cars?’. The second was ‘What about those strips you put across the road that automatically count the vehicles?’

Although both options would do the job, the low tech version involved finding someone to sit on the drive for long boring hours, and would likely not be that cheap if a weeks of data was wanted.

The high tech option seemed like a lot of effort to go to for just a week, and would cost a lot to do, even for such a short time.

Then someone thought outside the box and asked if one of those home security cameras might fit the bill. Not bad given that the CleverLoop team person wasn’t there!

We figured it should work just fine, after all, security cameras get used for surveillance all the time, and what they needed was vehicle surveillance.

To test the idea, a Cleverloop outdoor security camera was fitted to a building that overlooked the drive where vehicles either turn uphill to the community, or go straight on to the hospital. We then setup a hotspot on the camera to ensure that it didn’t pick up any vehicles in the hospital parking lot that was just visible at the top of it’s field of view.

Hotspot used to ignore cars moving in the car park.

Hotspot setup to ignore cars moving in the car park (top left).

Last of all, a hard drive was connected up to the Base Station to record all the video footage from the camera, to allow later review.

The camera was armed on the Cleverloop app, and we started the test.

Over a couple of days the CleverLoop app received plenty of alerts (not normally a good sign, but what we wanted), and it was pretty easy to count the vehicles that went either way each day, and then bulk delete the alerts so we were good to go the following day.

The camera looking at the driveway.

The app showing the camera in question looking at the driveway.

The trail proved that the CleverLoop system was going to be a great option for monitoring vehicle movements, with tallies being taken from the alerts each day, and then double checked by reviewing the video from the hard drive.

The plan with the hard drive video is to connect up the drive to a computer so that each half hour file can be quickly checked in fast forward with a count kept of vehicles going each way.

All up, it’s looking like using a CleverLoop security system to do this type of monitoring is looking like a good, fairly simple and inexpensive solution.



by Cleverloop Team
June 15, 2017