How to protect your business with CleverLoop

Camera based security systems like CleverLoop are increasingly becoming regarded as an essential tool for businesses.

When most people think about CCTV or camera security systems and how they can protect their businesses with one, they tend to have their premises and their stock in mind. Just as important, but less obvious, are the options that surveillance cameras create for you to protect your customers, your staff, and their occupational safety and health.

Small business owners, once they have a CleverLoop business security system in place, regularly discover that the benefits the system gives them rapidly grow beyond what they had in mind to start with.

As any owner or operator of a business will tell you, there is a lot more to being in business than just the premises and the stock, or machinery. The staff, the customers and the processes that keep the business running safely and smoothly are equally as important.

Installing a camera system that provides high resolution, good quality footage, is a really practical step towards protecting both your staff and your customers. With smartly placed cameras, any unusual events, altercations or accidents can be caught, often from multiple directions. Uncommon as these things might be for many businesses, if, or when they happen, having footage available that you can look back through is a great way to work out what really happened.

Similarly, a camera in a good spot, with an unobstructed shot of the till, and some staff instruction on making payments, particularly bills, visible for the camera is the perfect way to sort out those “I gave you a fifty and you gave me change for a twenty” episodes.

A ceiling mounted CleverLoop indoor camera keeps an eye on the counter and till at Floyd's Cafe. Footage from a camera like this can make settling disputes over change owed easy.

Floyd’s Cafe use a ceiling mounted indoor camera to cover their counter and till area.

The other really helpful but less obvious use for security cameras in a business, is as part of an occupational safety and health system. Given how much occupational safety and health has become a key part of running a successful businesses, anything that can help you out in this area has got to be valuable.

In any areas where staff are exposed to risks or hazards, such as the stockroom, factory floors, in loading areas, around machinery etc, it is vital to have processes in place to reduce or eliminate these hazards and risks. Using cameras and a hard drive to record continuous footage can help you to spot unsafe behaviours or practices before they get more serious. It’s best to know about any changes that might be needed to processes, or training that needs get done before it’s too late.

Stockrooms, warehouses and delivery areas are all great places to have security cameras, and not just for security.

Stockrooms, warehouses and delivery areas are all Great places to have security cameras, and not just for security.

If an accident or incident should happen, there is always the chance that an investigation will focus on the differences between the policies the management, owner or operator of the business had in place and what the staff were actually doing. This is where having camera footage stored on a hard drive can be vital.

With footage of the incident, or the events before and after the incident, there is going to be a lot less uncertainty in any investigation.

Remember that all the different uses for a CleverLoop security camera system in a business aren’t exclusive. With some thinking and planning about which areas of your business could benefit from different sorts of camera protection, you’ll find that often one camera will be able to do two or three different jobs for you and your business, all from the one spot.

So when you are thinking about installing a camera security system at your business, think about any other occasions when having video footage to review would be useful when you get to the “how many cameras do we need and where are we going to instal them?” stage.

For more info on how CleverLoop’s different functions and modes can be used as a tool to help you manage your business, have a read of this article.

by Cleverloop Team
June 22, 2017