PC Mag reviews CleverLoop System

PC Mag recently did a review of the CleverLoop camera based security system, and we think we did pretty well.


The bottom line of the review was:

“The CleverLoop security system allows you to use up to four cameras to monitor the inside and outside of your home. It’s easy to install, delivers sharp HD video, and offers multiple video storage options, but it doesn’t work with other smart home devices.”

They tested a four camera system, with two indoor and two outdoor cameras, and as you’d expect they did a very thorough write up. It covered all the hardware, including the cameras and the Base Station, the mobile app, their experiences installing the system and using all the various features that CleverLoop offers.

We’re guessing that the reviewer would have been equally as positive at how well the CleverLoop system works for small businesses, if he’d had the opportunity to try it out in a small retail, office, accommodation or cafe style business.

PCMag Review

The conclusion that the PC Mag editor came to was:

“The CleverLoop Smart Home Security System is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to monitor activity inside and outside of their home. It’s fairly easy to install and configure, and its motion detection technology does a great job of reducing false alerts due to things like pet movement, passing cars, and windy conditions. In addition to its sharp, colorful video quality and free cloud service, I love having the ability to store continuous video on a local USB drive just like with a CCTV system.”

You can read the full review here:.


by Cleverloop Team
May 3, 2017