Home Security Case Study – Monitoring Construction Work

With some construction work about to start at his home, Dave wanted a camera security system to keep an eye on things. He decided on and installed a CleverLoop system, and once he had been using it for a while Dave sent us some feedback.

Outdoor camera looking over Dave's deck.

We liked his letter, and thought others might find it interesting. So here it is, just as Dave sent it to us:

I investigated camera systems because my wife and I were renovating a deck area. I wanted to be able to monitor and record progress and be aware of anything unusual happening while builders were on site and the house unsecured.
I looked at several systems but none offered what I wanted at a reasonable cost. My budget was a few hundred dollars. The closest systems I could find were for building site monitoring but these were expensive and complex to set up and often came with ongoing running costs. When I stumbled across CleverLoop it appeared to match my requirements precisely at a reasonable cost. Not only that, but it is a NZ company so sourcing and support were not expected to be a problem.
Originally I had intended to buy a single outdoor camera but, given the cost and the features of the system I went for one indoor and three outdoor cameras so that I could monitor all the work and storage areas during the project and, in the future, monitor the property on all sides.
Outdoor camera looking over Dave's deck.

The view from the outdoor camera covering the work being done on Dave’s deck.

The system was extremely easy to install. I had the first camera up and going within minutes of un-boxing. A trick I learned was to follow the instructions closely as I have a wifi access point and this didn’t allow the phone to pair with the camera until I changed the connection.
I only have the cameras on wifi at this time. I was warned that the bandwidth might be a problem but it appears to be fine so long as the weather is good – even in high definition mode.
I have only connected one indoor and two outdoor cameras at this time. The indoor camera is great because the builders have free access to our living area and alerts let me know when they are inside. One outdoor camera monitors the outside deck where most of the work is taking place. The other outdoor camera monitors the garage where the workmen store their equipment, park their vehicles and sign in and out.
Garage camera

A snapshot from the outdoor camera that Dave installed in his garage.

I have added a hard drive to the system and record the daytime hours on the outdoor cameras. I have the IR turned off or I would have caught the Kaikoura earthquake!
I have a few minor issues:
My wife also monitors progress on her iPhone. However she has an iPad that she very rarely turns off and she leaves this at home. The CleverLoop system hasn’t distinguished between the intended devices. Thus the geofencing feature is somewhat restricted.
The recording software doesn’t understand midnight so, although I only want to record daytime hours I have had to record 10 minutes either side of midnight.
The recordings are difficult to scan through. I have given up trying to identify single events but know I could if I really had to.
Overall I am absolutely thrilled with the system. It meets my requirements (and more) and will be useful for security and any other renovation projects well into the future I hope.

So, there you have it.

The reference to the Kaikoura earthquake is because Dave lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and they had a bit of a midnight shake in November 2016.

As well as praise for the system, Dave raised a few issues, and we thought we’d leave them in for you to read. Given that, we thought we’d take the opportunity to address those issues too.

The geofencing issues that Dave’s wife was having were easily solved.

You need a separate CleverLoop account for each device that you want to have connected to your CleverLoop system. If you have the CleverLoop app installed on more than one device (in this case a iPhone and an iPad) using the same account and login for them all, control of the system will switch between them as you use each. This can seriously confuse the geofencing feature.

With regard to running recordings over midnight, this is an issue, just given the way that that the recording schedules work, but it’s something that we are in the process of fixing.

Finally, there is a comprehensive write up on the different ways you can view recorded video footage in our support section here.


by Cleverloop Team
January 13, 2017