Making the most of CleverLoop in a business setting

In business, a security camera is only smart as the system you use to control it.

In business, a security camera is only smart as the system you use to control it.

Although plenty of small businesses currently use CleverLoop as their security camera system of choice, many don’t make the most of the powerful, flexible protection is available to them.

Often, the owner or manager of a small business will approach the purchase and installation of a CleverLoop based on previous experience with older style security, alarm or CCTV systems. While a CleverLoop can do a great job of acting as any one of these, the real power comes in when doing all of these things together, with simple, user friendly set up and control options.  

To explore this, it’s worth revisiting the three basic modes in which a CleverLoop can operate.

Firstly, from a business perspective, perhaps the most common use is as CCTV. With a hard drive plugged into the USB port on the CleverLoop Base Station, it’s easy to record high definition footage coming from any or all of the attached cameras. You can record 24/7, or set up schedules for when the recording is switched off, or you can do the switching manually as required.

The second mode is where footage from each camera is analysed by the Base Station for important movement, and video alerts are sent directly to a smartphone. While this mode is most commonly used in residential settings, it can play an important role in business security too, especially after-hours when premises shouldn’t have any people present.

Again, it is the flexibility of control over this mode that makes it so powerful. Individual cameras, or the entire system, can be armed and disarmed manually. Other ways to do this are via user defined schedules, or you can auto-arm using geofencing, where any or all cameras are armed when the smartphone/s controlling the system leave a predefined area around the Base Station.

When setting up the cameras for alerts, one function that is very useful to business owners is the ability to define up to 3 hotspots per camera. A hotspot is an area inside a camera’s field of view within which the Base Station is looking for movement while ignoring any movement outside the hotspot. Think of a camera mounted on the wall inside a shop that sees the shop floor as well as some of the front window. A hotspot lets you watch for movement inside the shop after hours, but ignore people walking past the shop outside.

Finally we have the live-view feature as the mode available to users whose phones are connected to the Base Station. Live-view is as simple as it sounds – if you click play on any individual camera connected to your system, you see what the camera is seeing, live, night or day.

The real power of CleverLoop as a camera security system becomes obvious once you realise that you can use all three modes at the same time, or in any combination and at any times that suits you and your business.

Run your CCTV system continuously, or just when your business is open.

Arm your cameras for alerts automatically when your last staff member leaves the premises, or at a fixed time every day, and get no false alarms from movement seen through windows.

Have the confidence that even if you get an alert about an intruder in the middle of the night, your cameras are also recording everything that happens to a hard drive.

And of course, if you want to see what’s going on with your own eyes, just live-view any camera any time you want.

Only CleverLoop puts all this power and flexibility right at your fingertips, for the benefit of your business.

by Cleverloop Team
October 6, 2016