Smart Home Security Prevents Crime

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When looking into reasons for the declining rate of burglaries and home invasions in the US look no further than the smartphone in your hand. Savvy homeowners who have installed home security cameras that sync up with their smartphones via surveillance apps are able to catch criminals breaking into their homes, no matter where they might be in the world. Gone are the days of asking people to house-sit – with smart home technology you’ve got ensured security and freedom to go wherever you want with the peace of mind that things are under control at home.

Is it a coincidence that with the rise of smart home security systems that there has been a decline in the rate of completed burglaries across most of the US? In fact, the overall rate of property crime reported to police decreased from 47.4 percent to 43.7 percent victimizations per 1,000 households from 2013 to 2014.

According to Drew Prindle, the Editor for popular tech website, Digital Trends, smart home security systems are getting more popular as time goes by. When asked for a reason behind the surge of popularity in smart home security systems, Prindle stated that “traditional whole-home security solutions offered by companies like ADT and Brinks are often too expensive for people with limited incomes, so these newer, cheaper, more DIY-style home security systems have obvious appeal.”

Roam if You Want To

Smart home camera security systems are smart enough to know what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary, no matter where you might be in the world as long as you have your smartphone with you. Through your mobile device you’re able to see and hear what’s happening in your home when you’re not around. Surveillance is done through indoor and outdoor cameras, and you can use multiple cameras to suit the size of your property.

Unlike tradition monitoring systems live views and recorded video clips from these security cameras let you know everything is safe and sound. In the unfortunate event of a burglary, you’ll receive an instant mobile alert, prompting you to alert the authorities.

The brilliance of these systems lies in the simplicity. For instance, with the CleverLoop system, when something usual is happening in your home the video is analysed to see if it’s urgent. Clips that are deemed critical are backed up safely to the cloud and a mobile alert is sent to you immediately. The Base Station serves as the brain of the system and it communicates with your mobile device via security apps, allowing you to take control of your own home security while you’re out travelling the world.


Travelling abroad in the past used to entail roping in family members or friends to keep an eye on your property, but it’s impossible for anyone to stay vigil 24 hours a day, and it’s a lot to ask of someone. Worst case scenario, if something were to happen while you’re away, that kind of incident can destroy a relationship. It’s simply not worth the risk. With the latest smart home technology, you can easily keep watch of your property without any added stress. Best of all, if you’ve forgotten to set an alarm before catching your flight you can do so remotely from you device, whether you’re in Texas or Tahiti. You can also easily deactivate the alarm if it has been accidentally triggered.

Ever wondered what your pets are up to at home?

Jenny McGrath, Home Editor for Digital Trends, believes that security systems are “one of the easiest and most obvious entry points for the smart home, so that’s where people start.” McGrath thinks that people like the idea of being able to check in on their home. “I know a lot of people who use connected cameras because they want to see what their cats or dogs are up to during the day.”

While your poodle might not be listening to death metal on your stereo when you leave for the day, you can be sure that your pets are up to something while you’re working from 9-5. No, they might not be emulating the animals in the upcoming movie The Secret Life of Pets, but your pets are happiest when you’re at home. So, what exactly are they up to when you’re not at home?!


With a smart home security system, you can appease some of your pet owner guilt by keeping an eye on your precious pets while you’re away. As a rule of thumb for pet ownership, for the wellbeing of your companions you shouldn’t leave them home alone too long. Every pet is different of course, and cats for instance, are more solitary than dogs.

As long as you provide enough environmental stimulation with toys and playthings, your pets should be fine while you’re at work. If you’re going out of town for work or vacation, it’s best to book them into a kennel or cattery, even if you can watch what they’re up to they still need human contact. Your CleverLoop system will notify you when they’re playful as their movement will trigger an alert, then you can watch them play live while you’re on a lunch break, but without creating any false alarms.

Take Control of Your Own Safety at Home

While a smart home security system can be a source of entertainment when keeping in touch with family or keeping an eye on your pets, its main purpose is to keep your house safe. More and more homeowners are taking the law into their own hands inadvertently by catching intruders themselves via their smartphone apps.

Take for example, the Idaho case which has recently been in the news. T Quick thinking led to him alerting his local Sherriff’s office dispatch about the present burglary. While the burglar was trying to be clever and turned off one of the cameras, he missed the opportunity to turn off another two that were essentially capturing his every move. Unfortunately for him, the footage was already safely backed up off-site in the cloud! The CleverLoop app on the owner’s smartphone allowed him and his wife watch the police sending in a dog to get the burglar out while going through customs, and nothing was stolen from his house.

Not all burglary stories have this kind of happy ending. No doubt your local newspapers are filled with sad stories of home invasions and burglaries. Americans lost over $4 billion in property losses in 2013 alone, with 74% of this money coming directly from residential properties. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 1994 to 2011, most completed burglaries involved the theft of personal items with sentimental value such as jewellery, watches, furs, and keys, followed closely by electronics such as iPads, laptops, and TVs.

According to Sean Mitchel, a head writer for TechDay, “Surveillance and security systems don’t protect your house from burglaries. They’re monitoring. Fences, locks, and stickers on your windows encourage criminals to choose another home other than yours. You want to discourage the break in, then tech based monitoring solutions can come into play.”

Thieves come in all kinds of disguises. Installing a smart home security system is a great way to keep an eye on home contractors. If you’re remodelling your home, you want to make sure that you’re still secure while going through the process. Areas covered solely by tarps, contractors frequently stopping by the house, and workers you don’t know walking in and out of your home, are all potential threats to your home security. Remember, you’re investing time and money to remodel your home, so protect that investment by installing the right kind of technology.

Using a trustworthy contractor for your home renovations is the number one step to staying safe during remodelling, especially when it’s becoming prevalent for dishonest contractors to steal from the homes they’re working on. You can avoid any future problems by checking the contractor’s references. Keep an eye on your valuables during the remodelling process – preferably keeping them somewhere secure and hidden. With a surveillance system that you monitor yourself, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your property and the people you’ve hired to work on it via the surveillance apps on your smartphone or tablet. And if things do go missing, you’ll have the saved footage to hand over to the police.

Fast Home Security

Smart home security systems have become easier to use over the years as companies understand that installation needs to be quick and pain-free. Easier to install than hard-wired systems, your home security can be up and running with cameras rolling within the hour. Watching your house on screen is better than some of the best television. Inside and outside cameras capture everything you want – from intruders to your pedigree Chihuahuas tearing up the furniture. Best of all there aren’t any installation fees, so the entertainment at your fingertips comes with a minimal cost.


Your home is important, obviously, but it’s what’s inside that counts, especially when it comes to your family. With a smart home security system you can watch your children on a live feed if you have to work out of town. Checking in with them is easier especially if they’re teenagers. With a system like CleverLoop you can see who is coming and going, what time they’re coming home at, and with whom. It’s an effortless way of keeping your finger on the pulse of your family.

Jon Andrews, a contributing writer to WeGotServed still thinks that there’s room for improvement in the design of these smart home security systems. “Home security has moved on a lot since the original wired systems. I think with the new breed of connected systems now coming onto the market, they are still more of a clever webcam system than a true security system as they lack many of the elements that a home security system needs, i.e. multiple door and movement sensors at sensible prices, external sirens. However, I think we’re getting closer to a true all in one hybrid system.”

Despite his concerns, Andrews still understands that smart home security systems can give peace of mind for many, mainly due to their affordability. That said, he believes that a potential problem with a ‘smart’ system is that people still have a fear of being hacked. “If someone can get into your PC, what is to stop them from accessing your alarm and disabling it and then breaking in?” Perhaps it’s true that some wireless security systems can be hacked. The question is, are thieves really that tech-savvy? Industry experts believe that burglars lack the sophistication and technical abilities to disarm smart home security systems. Plus simple steps, such as changing default passwords, make hacking incredibly difficult.

Be Smart, Save Money

We all know that if you want to save money, you’ve got to spend money. Protecting your belongings and your home is worth the investment, but monitoring alarm systems are needlessly expensive. When DIY smartphone security systems are so affordable, more and more middle income Americans are turning to them to secure their homes. When you’re monitoring your own security yourself, you don’t need to worry about the extra costs of false-alarms.

With a smart home security systems you don’t have to worry about paying extra money for another set of eyes to watch your home. You’ll be saving money on the installation as well as the lack of monthly monitoring fees. With traditional monitoring system there is a greater possibility of false alarms. When the security firm sends out personnel for these false calls, you end up footing the bill.

CleverLoop minimizes false alarms with a unique learning algorithm that understands what’s unusual and what’s trivial. With a bit training, it can tell a cat or a swinging tree from a human, so next time your phone buzzes, you know it’s something critical.

With intelligent home security system you can use various features to minimise false alarms and also reduce the chance of alarms being activated by pets and other non-important movements. You can even use them to check that your children are safely home from school when they say they are going to be.


Smart Homes: Not just for homeowners

Smart home security systems are the perfect way for renters to safeguard their homes. Without having to hardwire the technology, renters are easily able to connect up the cameras and connections without much physical alteration of the apartments they rent. Home owners have a lot of perks, particularly heightened security. It’s an unfortunate fact that renters are 85% more likely to be a victim of a home burglary. It is now just as affordable for renters to protect themselves as homeowners. Renters no longer have to wait for their landlords to step up and make the effort to enhance security – they can take matters into their own hands and protect themselves.

When we talk about home security, we’re referring to all homes, including apartments. Both renters and homeowners deserve to be safe in their dwellings, no matter what kind of home they live in. If you’re renting and your apartment doesn’t come with its own security system, you don’t need to fret. With a wireless smart home security system, you don’t even need to notify your landlord as you won’t be making any permanent changes to the apartment.

Depending on your apartment, you may not need something as advanced as a wireless security system, particularly if your building comes with doormen and surveillance cameras in the lobby. When it comes to burglary prevention, ensuring that all windows and doors have suitable locks is often enough, especially if you’re vigilant enough to keep them locked at all times. Taking this step immediately makes your apartment harder to break into.

If you live in an area that is known for break-ins, an apartment security system is a wise investment that will not only protect you from being burgled, but will also afford you a certain peace of mind. Outdoor monitoring will help you see who is coming into your building. While there are plenty of wireless packages on the market that can easily be moved from house to house for renters, not many of them offer outdoor monitoring like Cleverloop does.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.26.10 am

When it comes to the security of your home, the right kinds of locks, fences, windows and doors paired with a smart home security system is the best way to discourage burglaries. Security and surveillance apps will only do so much, such as helping identify thieves once they’ve already broken in and catch them like in the Idaho story covered above. While these apps will save you time and money, home security starts with common sense.

The bottom-line for most people is of course, dollars, and smart home security systems are more affordable and easily installed. Tech-savvy people like Drew Prindle would rather rig up their own home security systems for around $300 rather than pay a monthly fee, forever.

He’s not alone as more and more middle-income American families are using this kind of security now. Monitoring the inside of your house is imperative, but what happens outside is just as important. Thankfully, Cleverloop can do both. For more information contact us and we can take you through the DIY smart home security process step-by-step.

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by Cleverloop Team
April 14, 2016