Finding Your Wi-Fi Sweet Spots

Find your Wi-Fi Sweet Spot to get the most out of your wireless security system.

Find your Wi-Fi Sweet Spot to get the most out of your wireless security system.

Using a Wi-Fi based camera security system is easy to set up and install because you don’t have to run cables to different places around your home or business. This makes it simple to place cameras in the places you want to monitor. It is important however, to check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal in the places where you want to put your wireless cameras as your security system will work best when the signal to the cameras is strong.

This update gives you tips on how to figure out where your Wi-Fi sweet spots are and what to do if the place you want to put your camera isn’t so sweet.

How strong is your Wi-Fi network?

There are some great Wi-Fi signal strength apps that will give you a feel for how strong your Wi-Fi network is. We recommend downloading Wi-Fi Sweetspots by Assia-Inc. It’s easy to use and available free on both Android and Apple iOS.

First, take a Wi-Fi reading standing next to your Wi-Fi router to see what your maximum Wi-Fi signal strength is.

Next, walk around your home or business and find where the sweet spots (highest reading) and dead spots (lowest reading) are.

For your security cameras to work well they will need to be in a place that has about 20% or more of what the maximum signal was (we can’t give you an actual number to look for because every brand and model of mobile device will give different readings). Ideally, the level of the signal should also be fairly consistent.

If your camera location doesn’t meet the 20% test then you’ll want to improve it to get a stronger connection to your CleverLoop system.

Small changes can make a big difference

The first tip to improve signal strength is an obvious one. The closer the Wi-Fi camera is to your Wi-Fi router, the better the signal will be.

But it gets a little trickier. Reducing the number of walls or large pieces of furniture between the camera and router will also increase signal quality, with a clear line of sight usually giving the best results. You’ll see the effect of this when using the Wi-Fi Sweetspots app.

In some tests we did, simply moving a camera a foot or two was enough to push signal performance up to that 20% level.

Improve your Wi-Fi signal strength with a HomePlug

Using a Wi-Fi extender or booster (such as HomePlug, which is also knows as a Powerline adapter) will ensure you get the best possible results from CleverLoop and also give you great signal for using other wireless devices that you may have.

We think HomePlug products are the way to go because they are the cheapest and easiest way to increase Wi-Fi performance. What they do is use your home’s already installed power lines to send video and audio data.

You’ll need one HomePlug adaptor for your router and then one for each camera that is going to be placed in areas more remote from your router.

Where to buy a HomePlug / Powerline system

You can buy HomePlug devices at your local electronics retailer or through online stores.

by Cleverloop Team
October 15, 2015